Live aerial content for This Morning's Daffodil Festival Coverage

This case study sheds light on a remarkable achievement that underscores our prowess in aerial filmmaking. Following a successful shoot for ITV competitions, we were sought out to join the esteemed team at “This Morning.” Our assignment entailed travelling to Cambridgeshire to provide live drone footage of a captivating daffodil festival. This narrative offers insights into our equipment selection, the challenges faced, and the resounding success of our contributions. 

Client Engagement and Project Scope: 

Having made a mark with our work on ITV competitions, our expertise garnered the attention of the “This Morning” team. Commissioned to provide live drone footage for their coverage of the daffodil festival in Cambridgeshire, we embraced the opportunity to showcase our skills on a larger stage. 

Challenges and Preparations: 

  1. Aerial Footage Precision: The demand for live aerial shots presented a unique challenge. The need to capture intricate details and compose shots in real-time required meticulous planning and adept execution.
  2. Equipment Arsenal: We harnessed the power of the DJI Inspire 2, a versatile drone renowned for its stability and quality, to deliver captivating aerial footage. Additionally, our setup included essential components like HDMI cables and a Live View transmitter to ensure seamless signal transmission.


  1. B-Roll Composition: Upon arrival, we embarked on capturing engaging b-roll footage to enhance the director’s toolkit. Utilising the Mavic 2 Pro, we executed close-up shots of the village scenes, offering an intimate perspective of the daffodil festival’s allure.
  2. The First Live Hit: Our debut live broadcast involved a picturesque orbit of the village using the Inspire 2. This five-minute live hit set the tone for our aerial coverage, granting viewers a sweeping overview of the festival’s charm.
  3. Interspersing B-Roll: Given the intervals between live hits, we continued gathering captivating b-roll footage that could be seamlessly integrated into the broadcast. This not only added depth to the coverage but also provided the director with versatile assets to enhance the narrative.
  4. The Complex Church Shot: Our next live hit centred around a village church. The intricacies of composing a live shot of the church posed a considerable challenge. However, leveraging the Live View technology, we achieved a captivating shot that conveyed the church’s beauty flawlessly.

Impact and Success: 

  1. Elevation of Visual Narrative: Our aerial contributions played a pivotal role in enhancing the visual storytelling of the daffodil festival coverage. The dynamic aerial shots and well-composed live hits added depth and vibrancy to the broadcast.
  2. Seamless Live Broadcasting: Through careful equipment selection and skilled execution, we successfully transmitted live aerial shots to London, enabling a cohesive and engaging broadcast for “This Morning” viewers.


Our collaboration with “This Morning” for the daffodil festival coverage stands as a testament to our proficiency in delivering captivating aerial footage. The precision of our aerial compositions, the selection of suitable equipment, and our dedication to delivering quality in real-time yielded a resounding success. This case study exemplifies our capacity to meet complex broadcasting demands and elevate visual narratives through innovative aerial filmmaking techniques.