Promoting Seagrass Protection Through Aerial Filming of Lewis Pugh's Award Swim in Plymouth Sound

To promote the protection of seagrass and raise awareness about its importance in marine ecosystems, a collaborative project was undertaken involving the Queen’s Green Canopy (QGC), Different View, the Harbour Master and SW Productions. The project aimed to capture the award swim of Lewis Pugh, a renowned swimmer, as he swam from Plymouth Sound to the Lido to receive an award from the Lord High Mayor. This case study presents the details of the project, including the equipment used, the filming process, and the subsequent impact of the promotional video. 

Objective: The primary objective of the project was to create a compelling short promotional video that showcased Lewis Pugh’s swim and highlighted the significance of seagrass conservation. The video was intended to be shared on social media platforms to engage a wider audience and raise awareness about the need to protect seagrass habitats. 

Collaborators: Different View was recommended by the Harbour Master to undertake the filming project due to our expertise in cinematography and previous involvement in similar awareness campaigns. Collaborating with Different View was SW Productions, a local production company.  

Equipment Used: To capture the swim and the surrounding marine environment effectively, two drones were employed: the DJI Inspire 2 and the DJI Mavic Pro 2. These drones were selected for their advanced capabilities in aerial filming and their ability to provide unique perspectives from above. 

Filming Process: The filming process involved meticulous planning and coordination among all parties involved. The team followed Lewis Pugh’s swim from a pilot boat, capturing his dive into the water and his journey to the Lido. The drones were skilfully operated by Different View to capture dynamic shots that showcased the swimmer’s progress against the backdrop of the sea and coastline. Care was taken to highlight the underwater seagrass meadows as well, underscoring the campaign’s message of seagrass conservation. 

Promotional Video: Upon completion of the filming process, Different View and SW Productions collaborated in post-production to edit and compile the captured footage into a short promotional video. The video was designed to convey a sense of adventure, determination, and the beauty of the marine environment. The narrative emphasised Lewis Pugh’s commitment to environmental causes and the urgent need to protect seagrass habitats. 

Impact and Recognition: The promotional video gained significant traction upon its release on social media platforms. Notably, the video was retweeted by The Royal Family’s official account, greatly enhancing its reach and impact. This recognition from a prominent entity helped to amplify the message of seagrass protection to a broader audience. The video received positive feedback from viewers who appreciated both the visual storytelling and the campaign’s underlying environmental message. 

Conclusion: Through the collaborative efforts of the Different View, SW Productions, and the participation of Lewis Pugh, the promotional video successfully achieved its goal of promoting seagrass protection. By capturing the swim in Plymouth Sound and presenting it in a visually engaging manner, the project effectively communicated the importance of safeguarding seagrass habitats in marine ecosystems. The video’s reach, bolstered by recognition from The Royal Family, demonstrated the power of creative media in raising awareness about environmental issues.