Aerial and Ground Footage for St Luke's Hospice Men's Day Out Event

In this case study, we delve into a project undertaken in collaboration with St Luke’s Hospice, focusing on capturing both aerial and ground footage of the annual ‘Men’s Day Out’ event. The goal was to provide a comprehensive visual documentation of the event, highlighting the activities and participants while showcasing the spirit of community engagement. 

Project Overview: St Luke’s Hospice approached our team to capture the essence of their ‘Men’s Day Out’ event. This involved a combination of aerial and ground footage to effectively portray the event’s vibrancy and the collective spirit of the participants. The project aimed to produce visuals that would not only serve as a record of the event but also evoke the sense of camaraderie and support surrounding the hospice’s cause. 

Equipment Selection: To ensure the highest quality footage, a range of equipment was employed. The Canon 5D MK4 camera was paired with a 24-70 2.8 L lens to capture detailed ground shots. Aerial shots were achieved through the use of drones, including the DJI Inspire 2, Mavic 2, Mavic 3, and Mini 3 Pro. This assortment of equipment allowed for diverse perspectives and angles, contributing to the visual richness of the final content. 

Event Filming: The filming commenced at the Plymouth Albion’s rugby ground, which served as the event’s meeting point for thousands of participants. Ground footage focused on capturing the energetic atmosphere, the participants’ excitement, and the hospice’s branding elements. The goal was to reflect the sense of community and the hospice’s role in uniting people for a meaningful cause. 

Aerial Perspectives: Aerial footage played a vital role in illustrating the scale of the event and showcasing the impressive turnout. The drones captured panoramic views of the event venue, highlighting the sprawling crowd and the hospice’s emblematic banners. These aerial shots added a dynamic dimension to the visual narrative, capturing the event’s magnitude and significance. 

Comprehensive Documentation: Throughout the event, the team’s cameras were engaged in capturing a wide range of activities, from the initial assembly to various activities and performances that took place. The combination of ground and aerial footage provided a holistic view of the event, capturing both the participants’ interactions and the event’s scale. 

Post-Production and Delivery: After meticulously editing the footage, the team presented St Luke’s Hospice with a comprehensive collection of visuals that encapsulated the essence of the ‘Men’s Day Out’ event. The final content aimed to not only commemorate the event but also serve as a promotional asset for future fundraising efforts. 

Outcome and Impact: The aerial and ground footage was well-received by St Luke’s Hospice and the event participants. The visuals effectively conveyed the event’s vibrant atmosphere, the hospice’s mission, and the community’s involvement. The content produced served as a valuable asset for promoting the hospice’s initiatives, inspiring future engagement and support. 

Conclusion: This case study demonstrates the successful collaboration between our team and St Luke’s Hospice in documenting the ‘Men’s Day Out’ event. Through a combination of ground and aerial footage captured with diverse equipment, the project achieved its goal of conveying the event’s spirit and the hospice’s mission. The resulting visuals served as a testament to the power of community engagement and highlighted the hospice’s commitment to making a positive impact on people’s lives.