Creating a 360-Degree Aerial Video and Ground Photography for Plymouth City Council

This case study showcases a project undertaken at the request of Plymouth City Council, aimed at producing a captivating 360-degree aerial video and ground photography of significant locations within the city. The resulting content was intended to be displayed in the newly established immersive dome located within The Market Hall. 

 Project Overview: In response to Plymouth City Council’s commission, the project involved the collaboration of skilled drone pilots equipped with specialised gear to capture immersive 360-degree aerial video footage and ground photography. This collaboration ensured the deployment of cutting-edge technology and expertise needed to bring the project to fruition. 

Equipment Selection: The project required a range of equipment to capture high-quality visuals. The Canon 5D MK4 camera was equipped with various lenses, including the 17-35 f4 L, 24-70 2.8 L, and 70-200 2.8L lenses, ensuring versatility in capturing a variety of scenes. Additionally, an Insta 360-degree camera and a Mavic 2 Pro drone were employed for aerial content. A specialised FPV (first-person view) rig was used in conjunction with the 360-degree camera to achieve unique perspectives. 

Immersive Dome Presentation: The culmination of the project aimed to present the immersive 360-degree aerial video within The Market Hall’s new immersive dome. This space provided an innovative and captivating platform for showcasing the aerial footage, allowing viewers to experience the city from various angles and perspectives. 

 Aerial Filming Technique: The team employed an FPV drone, which carried a 360-degree camera, to capture the footage. This technique allowed for dynamic and agile manoeuvres, resulting in footage that was immersive and engaging. The filmed areas included significant landmarks such as Royal William’s Yard, The Hoe, The Sound, Dartmoor, and the science park. 

 Event Showcase: The edited 360-degree aerial video was showcased during an event held at the Market Hall. This event provided an opportunity for attendees to experience the immersive footage and gain a unique perspective on Plymouth’s landmarks and surroundings. 

Ground Photography Commission: In addition to the aerial video, the team was also commissioned to provide ground photography coverage of the event. This involved capturing lectures and workshops that revolved around sustainability plans for Plymouth. The ground photography served as a comprehensive visual documentation of the event’s proceedings. 

 Positive Reception: Both the 360-degree aerial video and the ground photography were met with a positive response. The immersive nature of the aerial footage captivated the audience and offered a fresh perspective on the city’s landmarks. The ground photography documented the event’s content effectively, encapsulating the discussions on sustainability plans. 

 Conclusion: This case study highlights the successful collaboration between skilled drone pilots and specialised equipment to create a compelling 360-degree aerial video and ground photography for Plymouth City Council. The project’s success was reflected in the positive reception of the immersive footage and the comprehensive documentation of the event. The innovative use of technology and creative approaches showcased Plymouth’s landmarks and sustainability initiatives in a captivating and engaging manner.