Showcasing a Distinctive Converted Chapel in East Devon through Visual Storytelling

This case study delves into a captivating project where we were approached by a property owner to create a visual narrative for their unique AirBnB property nestled in the picturesque landscapes of East Devon. This converted chapel held a story of its own, and our collaborative efforts, led by our seasoned videographer Chris, aimed to spotlight its distinctive features while capturing the charm of its countryside surroundings. Through a blend of videography and photography, we embarked on a journey to illustrate the property’s uniqueness, resulting in a remarkable increase in bookings. 

 The Vision and Execution: 

Guided by the owner’s vision, our first task was to encapsulate the property’s connection with the beautiful Devonshire countryside. To achieve this, we initiated the storytelling by capturing a car journey through the enchanting landscapes as it approached the property. This opening sequence served as an engaging introduction, setting the stage for the unique experience the chapel offered to its guests. 

Visual Exploration: 

Our comprehensive approach encompassed filming and photographing both the exterior and interior of the converted chapel. Chris, our experienced videographer, utilized his expertise to create dynamic shots that highlighted the chapel’s architectural details, its blend of old-world charm with modern comforts, and the captivating vistas that enveloped it. 

Championing Uniqueness: 

The central objective was to convey the distinctive character of the chapel. Through our lens, the former chapel’s conversion into an AirBnB property came alive, showcasing its history while presenting its contemporary hospitality offerings. The fusion of videography and photography allowed us to spotlight the property’s aesthetic appeal and create an inviting visual narrative for potential guests. 

Driving Bookings: 

The impact of our visual storytelling was immediate and profound. By presenting the property in its authentic light, both inside and out, we provided potential guests with a comprehensive and immersive preview of their potential experience. This genuine portrayal resonated with viewers and significantly contributed to an impressive increase in bookings for the chapel. 


This case study underscores the power of visual storytelling in promoting unique properties and boosting their appeal. Our collaborative efforts, guided by the property owner’s vision and skilfully executed by our videographer Chris, brought the charm and allure of the converted chapel to life. By capturing its essence and the scenic beauty that surrounded it, we successfully conveyed the uniqueness of the property to a global audience. As a result, the chapel’s bookings soared, underscoring the efficacy of our approach in illustrating the property’s story and inviting guests to become part of its narrative.