Documenting the Mayflower Autonomous Ship with IBM

Our partnership with IBM emerged as an exciting opportunity to contribute to a docuseries spotlighting the Mayflower Autonomous Ship (MAS). IBM sought our expertise to capture both ground and aerial footage that would bring the MAS project to life. 

Equipment Utilised: To ensure impeccable footage quality, we harnessed a range of cutting-edge equipment: 

  • DJI Inspire 2 drone equipped with ProRes capabilities 
  • Lapel microphones for clear audio capture 
  • DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone 
  • Shotgun microphones for enhanced sound recording 
  • Sony FS7 camera 
  • Sony FX9 camera 
  • An array of prime and wide-angled lenses 

Project Overview: The Mayflower Autonomous Ship, a modern marvel, embarked on a transformative journey mirroring the historic Mayflower’s transatlantic crossing. This autonomous research vessel was meticulously crafted to traverse the Atlantic Ocean and reach Plymouth, Massachusetts, commemorating the 400-year anniversary of the original Mayflower voyage. The project spanned two years and encompassed rigorous trials in the English Channel. 

Sea Trials and Aerial Filming: Our engagement entailed capturing extensive sea trials, which tested the mettle of the MAS. These trials were crucial in fine-tuning the vessel’s performance to ensure a successful transatlantic journey. With our DJI Inspire 2 drone and Mavic 2 Pro drone, we documented the MAS’s navigation in the open waters of the English Channel, capturing captivating aerial shots that accentuated the vessel’s autonomous prowess. 

Creating a Comprehensive Narrative: Our task extended beyond capturing visuals; we assembled a proficient team to conduct interviews and ground videography, aligning seamlessly with the script authored by an American media company. Through this collaboration, we ensured that the on-screen narrative resonated with the project’s significance and historical resonance. 

Collaborative Planning and Execution: Regular virtual meetings via Zoom were integral to our approach. These weekly gatherings facilitated meticulous planning, ensuring that each episode in the docuseries was meticulously orchestrated and aligned with IBM’s vision. The convergence of creative minds across continents resulted in a harmonious fusion of content. 

Global Triumph: The final docuseries emerged as a resounding triumph, captivating audiences across the globe. Garnering a staggering 230 million views worldwide, the MAS docuseries attained a remarkable level of resonance, capturing the imagination of viewers and underscoring the amalgamation of innovation, history, and storytelling prowess. 

Conclusion: Our collaboration with IBM on the MAS docuseries stands as a testament to our capability in delivering high-caliber footage that communicates intricate narratives. Through the amalgamation of cutting-edge equipment, a talented crew, collaborative planning, and the confluence of historical and technological narratives, we showcased the Mayflower Autonomous Ship’s extraordinary journey in a manner that resonated on a global scale.