Case Study: Elevating ITV's ‘Campervan Giveaway’ with Live Aerial Drone Footage

This case study showcases our prowess in the realm of aerial cinematography, as we were enlisted by ITV’s competition department to provide live drone footage for their ‘Campervan Giveaway’ event. This narrative delves into our equipment setup, challenges surmounted, and the resounding success of our live aerial coverage. 

Client Engagement and Project Scope: 

ITV’s competition department entrusted us with the task of delivering live drone footage for their ‘Campervan Giveaway.’ Our role was to track the campervans as they meandered through a picturesque campsite in North Devon. This project presented a unique opportunity to display our aerial cinematography skills on a national platform. 

Challenges and Preparations: 

  1. Real-time Precision: Providing live aerial coverage demanded real-time precision. Tracking moving campervans while maintaining visual quality required meticulous planning and agile execution.
  2. Equipment Arsenal: Our toolkit included the DJI Inspire 2 drone, renowned for its stability and quality, and complemented by essential components like HDMI cables, a Live View transmitter, and a Neewer monitor.


  1. Coordinating with the Producer: Our team maintained seamless communication with the producer via radios, enabling us to align our actions with the live broadcast timeline. This ensured that we were positioned and ready for the designated live hits.
  2. Live Aerial Hits: Utilising the ‘Live View’ transmitter, our Inspire 2 drone provided four captivating live hits throughout the broadcast. The primary challenge was to keep the campers centered on-screen, facilitating the addition of broadcast titles. This demand required precision and swift adjustments during live filming.
  3. Ensuring Broadcast Quality: Our goal was to seamlessly integrate aerial shots into the live broadcast. This involved maintaining smooth footage, framing the subjects precisely, and delivering high-quality visuals.

Impact and Success: 

  1. Resounding Success of Live Hits: The four live aerial hits proved to be a significant success, contributing dynamic visual elements to the broadcast. Despite the challenges, our team delivered compelling shots that enhanced the viewing experience.
  2. Positive Feedback and Ongoing Collaboration: The positive feedback from the producers in London underlined the excellence of our work. The client’s satisfaction was so profound that they extended an invitation to join the ‘This Morning’ supplier’s list for live aerial filming—an opportunity to showcase our expertise on an even larger platform.


Our collaboration with ITV’s competition department to elevate the ‘Campervan Giveaway’ through live aerial drone footage demonstrates our capability to meet complex broadcasting demands. Through meticulous planning, agile execution, and seamless coordination with the broadcast team, we delivered dynamic and engaging aerial shots that left a lasting impact. This case study exemplifies our commitment to enhancing visual narratives and capturing audience attention through innovative aerial cinematography.