Showcasing Interfish's Trawler Fleet Through Aerial Filming and Photography

Collaborating with Interfish, a prominent fishing company based in Plymouth, our team undertook a captivating project involving the filming and photography of a new trawler at sea. This case study outlines the comprehensive approach, equipment employed, and successful results achieved in creating engaging content for Interfish’s social media platforms. 

Client and Objective: Interfish, a respected player in the fishing industry, approached our team with the task of capturing their new trawler in action at sea. The footage and imagery would serve as promotional content for their social media channels, showcasing their operational excellence and modern fleet. 

Equipment Utilised: The project required a range of equipment to capture diverse perspectives and high-quality visuals: 

  • Canon lenses: 17-35 f4 L, 24-70 2.8 L, 70-200 2.8L 
  • Camera: Canon 5D MK4
  • Drones: DJI Inspire 2, Mavic 2 Pro, Mavic 3 Pro, Mini 3 Pro 

Execution: The assignment involved capturing the new trawler in conjunction with an older vessel, highlighting the evolution of Interfish’s fleet. Filming was conducted out at sea, within the Sound, to depict the trawlers in their natural environment. Our team utilised the varied lenses and drone models to capture a diverse range of shots, showcasing the vessels from different angles and distances. 

Post-Production and Deliverables: After the filming in the Sound, our team embarked on post-production work. We crafted a short promotional film that juxtaposed the old and new trawlers, emphasising Interfish’s commitment to innovation. The film was edited to encapsulate the trawlers’ prowess and the company’s heritage. 

In addition to the film, we provided aerial and ground-based stills of the naming ceremony held in the historic Barbican. The naming ceremony, enriched by shanty singers, offered a vibrant glimpse into the company’s culture and camaraderie among its employees and clients. 

Client Feedback and Future Collaboration: The final products – the promotional film, aerial stills, and ground photography – were met with enthusiasm and satisfaction by Interfish. Their contentment was a testament to our team’s dedication in capturing their fleet’s essence and the celebratory moments of the naming ceremony. 

The success of this collaboration has paved the way for potential future partnerships. We look forward to contributing to Interfish’s upcoming ventures, including the introduction of two new trawlers, and continuing to showcase their achievements through innovative visual storytelling. 

Conclusion: Through a seamless blend of technical proficiency, creativity, and collaborative spirit, our project with Interfish illuminated the fishing company’s fleet transformation and cultural heritage. The utilization of advanced equipment and strategic filming locations resulted in engaging content that resonated with the client’s goals. This case study demonstrates the power of visual media in conveying a brand’s story and achievements, and the positive impact of successful collaboration between creative professionals and forward-thinking companies.