Elevating Brand Promotion with High-Quality Aerial Content for Bennett and Winch

This case study highlights our role in delivering high-quality aerial content to promote the latest products of luxury brand Bennett and Winch. Recommended by a local videographer, our expertise was enlisted to create visually compelling content that aligned with the brand’s vision and story. 

Client Engagement and Project Scope: 

Bennett and Winch, a prestigious luxury brand, sought to enhance their brand narrative by creating engaging promotional content. Our services were recommended by a local videographer, positioning us as the chosen partner to deliver exceptional aerial footage that showcased their latest products in action. 

Challenges and Preparations: 

  1. Storytelling through Aerial Footage: The challenge lay in capturing the essence of adventure and lifestyle that Bennett and Winch wanted to convey. We were tasked with capturing cinematic footage that not only showcased the products but also told a compelling story of exploration and adventure.
  2. Product Integration and Landscape Views: We needed to seamlessly integrate the products into the narrative while capturing the breath-taking landscape of north Devon. This required a careful balance between highlighting the products and capturing the picturesque surroundings.


  1. Collaborative Storytelling: Working in collaboration with the talented musician Nathan Ball, we crafted a storyline that showcased the adventure and lifestyle Bennett and Winch wished to promote. The narrative featured Nathan exploring a beach in a Series 2 Land Rover, complemented by our aerial footage.
  2. Captivating Aerial Angles: Our aerial expertise allowed us to capture different angles of Nathan and the landscape, providing a dynamic visual experience. This included capturing both close-ups of the products in use and sweeping landscape shots that enhanced the sense of adventure.
  3. Cinematic Imagery with Mavic 3: Leveraging the capabilities of the DJI Mavic 3 drone, we achieved the perfect balance between quality and flexibility. Filming in 5.1k D-Log ensured that the captured footage had the necessary depth for post-production adjustments, providing maximum creative flexibility.

Impact and Success: 

  1. Compelling Lifestyle Narrative: The aerial content we delivered seamlessly integrated Bennett and Winch’s products into the adventure narrative, effectively conveying the brand’s essence and vision.
  2. Enhanced Product Visibility: By showcasing Nathan using the products in various adventure settings, we provided viewers with a tangible connection to the brand’s offerings.
  3. Positive Reception: The cinematic quality and storytelling prowess of our aerial content were well-received by Bennett and Winch. The content successfully aligned with their brand narrative, helping them engage with their target audience on a deeper level.


Our collaboration with Bennett and Winch exemplifies our commitment to delivering high-quality aerial content that not only showcases products but also weaves captivating narratives. By blending our aerial expertise with cinematic storytelling, we created compelling visuals that aligned with the brand’s vision. This case study underscores our ability to elevate brand promotion through innovative aerial cinematography techniques.