Case Study: Elevating Broadcast Excellence - Aerial Coverage of BBC's Commonwealth Games Torch Relay Run

This case study illuminates a remarkable collaboration that underscores our proficiency in delivering live aerial content. Commissioned by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), we were entrusted with capturing captivating aerial footage of the Commonwealth Games torch relay run. This narrative examines our meticulous preparations, innovative technology deployment, and the profound impact of our live aerial coverage. 

Client Engagement and Project Scope: 

The BBC’s vision to enhance their broadcast of the Commonwealth Games torch relay run led them to seek our expertise in live aerial content delivery. Our mission was to provide dynamic and immersive aerial shots that would elevate the viewers’ engagement with the event. 

Challenges and Preparations: 

  1. Early Morning Production: The early 6:00 AM broadcast posed an immediate challenge – orchestrating and capturing high-quality aerial footage in the dim pre-dawn light. Our proficiency in optimizing low-light conditions was a key component of our success.
  2. Equipment Selection and Setup: Utilising the DJI Inspire 2 drone, renowned for its stability and quality, we assured a seamless and steady aerial coverage. Our team’s early arrival at the Eden Centre was crucial to a meticulous setup and thorough equipment testing.


  1. Live Aerial Hit with the Inspire 2: Our team initiated the broadcast with mesmerising orbital shots of the Eden Centre, instantly captivating the audience’s attention. The DJI Inspire 2’s versatility allowed us to capture sweeping perspectives that conveyed the grandeur of the event.
  2. Seamless Broadcast Integration: Connected via HDMI lead to the broadcast truck, our live feed integration was seamless. This technology ensured real-time transmission of our aerial shots to the viewers’ screens.
  3. Challenging Compositions and Dynamic Shots: Throughout the event, we adeptly captured a diverse range of shots, including a particularly challenging composition of tracking the presenter as he zip-lined from the top to the bottom of the centre. This demonstrated our team’s agility in adapting to unique scenarios while delivering visually stunning content.
  4. Live Weather Coverage: Our contribution extended beyond the torch relay run as we provided live aerial footage for the weather segment of the broadcast. This further underscored our adaptability and versatility in fulfilling diverse broadcasting needs.

Impact and Ongoing Collaboration: 

  1. Headlining Success: Our live aerial hit, prominently featured at the beginning of the broadcast, set the stage for an engaging viewer experience. The aerial shots immediately drew the audience into the event and amplified their connection to the proceedings.
  2. Acclaimed by BBC Producer: The immediate recognition of our work came in the form of a commendation from a BBC producer who praised our contributions to the broadcast’s quality and impact.
  3. Continuing Collaboration: Our effective collaboration with the BBC didn’t end with this project. Subsequent engagements have reinforced our reputation as a reliable and innovative partner for delivering live aerial content.


Our collaboration with the BBC to enhance the Commonwealth Games torch relay run broadcast stands as a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of aerial content delivery. Through innovative technology utilisation, creative compositions, and a commitment to excellence, we achieved outstanding results that resonated with both the client and the audience. This case study underscores our capacity to elevate live broadcasts through captivating aerial perspectives and reflects the enduring value of our ongoing collaboration with esteemed clients.