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Located in Plymouth, Devon, our mission is clear: to capture timeless moments. Our devoted photographers craft unique visual stories with attention to detail and artistic flair. We’re dedicated to turning everyday scenes into extraordinary memories, frame by frame.

With our equipment, we are able to offer content in various codecs and resolutions. If you require a RAW codec, we can offer this at a competitive price. We use various drones and ground equipment, our latest equipment list can be supplied if required.


Meet our team of experts and don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss any projects you may have in mind.

Oli Dickinson

Director | Lead drone pilot | Photographer

Oli started Different View after many years of studying and practising photography...

Louis Godwin

Sound Specialist

Audio is a vital component of high-end video production, and at Different View, Louis is dedicated to pushing the boundaries...

Drew Graves

Editor | Videographer| DOP

Drew Graves is an accomplished filmmaker with a passion for storytelling and a wealth of experience in videography...

Chris Stafford


Chris Stafford is a dedicated Digital Content Producer specialising in video production. Since graduating his Film degree in 2017...